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Welcome All, To The Madness Within...

    This space is my little hole in the realm of the World Wide Web.   I have endeavored to fill it with little bits of passion, sillyness, oddities and stupidity, some of it mine, some of it not...   Surf around, read the stories, see the pictures and enjoy the sights and sounds of the world around me and The Dungeon Of My Mind...

    Send me your comments before you leave and be sure to check back again some time...   I never know what maner of madness, I might add in the future....

    Use the navigation links on the left to find your way around.   Learn a little about me, my interests and affiliations, on the About Me page and visit my Photos page to see pictures of some of my 'toys' and collectables, and even some photos from around town.   Read a couple of short stories on the Stories page and comment on them, and this site, on the Feedback page.   Poke around and enjoy yourself...

    If you want to see my original, old page, go here.   But I really don't recommend it...

Dale Jelinski
aka Enigma
April 8, 2007